Mace and Auto Detail Centre Tokai

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You can make a booking by either calling us on (021) 701-4816 or clicking the "Request a booking" button below and we'll confirm a date with you.

Please provide:

  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Vehicle registration
  • Kind of vehicle
  • Date you'd like to bring it in
  • What you'd like to bring it in for
  • Tell us what you're experiencing. For example, tell us what the noise is like, when it's happening, and where it's happening.

Leave the diagnosis up to us...Very often people have some form of mechanical knowledge and try to impress us by telling us what they think is wrong with the car. That often takes us down the wrong path.

Expect 2 phone calls for the day: 
One being a progress report and the other to confirm. 


‚ÄčWe open at 7.30.

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a job card, which is a repetition of what was taken down over the phone.

This is done to ensure that the interpretation of what you want is exactly what you want. We then go over our procedure of how we test the car, and then start to work on it. If needed, your lift will be arranged.

Once you leave, we do a pre-test to preempt any failures or problem areas: 

  • We place seat covers to protect the interior of the vehicle;
  • We fill in the mileage on job card;
  • One of the technicians will drive the vehicle to identify the problem in the case of a diagnostic.

In the case of a service, we want to pre-test and determine if there is anything out of the ordinary - for example, knocks or bangs on suspension, road noise, tyre noise, or the vehicle behaving oddly - so that we don't discover it after we've finished the service and called you to collect your car. 

After the pre-test, your car goes into a queue. It generally gets put on the lift and we remove wheels. We then start doing our checks and service procedure, and change the necessary parts.

We do all of the service items according to a strict list of checks and log that we've checked it on the job. These checks are done by the technician and a workshop foreman.

The vehicle is then road tested to ensure that everything is in order. It gets cleaned and processed with the invoice and job card. You are then phoned to collect the vehicle.